Mastering the flavors of Bali, Putu Made houses Balinese favorite food with the mother sauce (in Balinese language: basegenep) as key to keep the philoshophy behind Balinese cuisine itself. 

Base Genep is based on the concept of balanced comprising main ingredients including galangal turmeric, ginger, and kaempferia galanga or best known as sand ginger. 

Putu Made caters unparalleled Bali culinary innovation, modifying some the traditional recipe to the modern plate, presenting the unique flavours of Bali at its best. 

From live-grill Jimbaran seafood to the smoky Bebek Betutu, savor the best flavors of Bali in exotic Bali interior that guarantess comfort and excitement in any occasion.

Flavour of Bali


Bringing Balinese cuisine into the capital city, Putu Made houses a menu full of Balinese
flavors consisting of the mother sauce (in Balinese language: basa genep) to carry the
philosophy behind the Balinese cuisine itself.

Basa genep is based on the concept of balance, comprising main ingredients including
galangar, turmeric, ginger, and kaempferia galanga or best known as ssand ginger.

Introducing the richness of Balinese dishes, Putu Made also modifies some of the
traditional recipes without reducing any of the Balinese signature taste. Don’g miss the
chance to savor its signature dish Bebek Betutu (whole Duck cooked in rich betutu
spice), grill specialities with smoky sweet coconut hust aroma, and a full rnage of meals
from appetizer to dessert inspired by the flavors of Bali

Premium Authentic Balinese Cuisine
Good for individual and Group Dine-in or takeaway
Full Range of menu from Appetizer to Dessert
Instagramable Balinese Ambiance

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